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Ladakh standoff

Pak Troop Movement In Ladakh

At a time when the Indian and Chinese militaries continue to engage in talks to defuse the tension in Ladakh region, sources say Pakistan has started moving troops along the Gilgit-Baltistan area and the Chinese army is holding talks with

3 Indian Divisions With Armour Move Into Ladakh

The Indian Army has moved three divisions, several squadrons of frontline tanks, additional artillery pieces and fully-ready mechanised infantry squads to the Ladakh sector, as part of its efforts to strengthen its deployments in response

Galwan Adventure To ‘Cost’ China A Lot :Experts

China will have to pay a “heavy price” for decades for resorting to aggressive military behaviour towards India in eastern Ladakh as it will isolate the country globally, strategic affairs experts said on Saturday. They said the

General Zhao A Worry?

General Zhao Zongqi is an ambitious man. He has been heading the newly created Western Theatre Command since 2016 and has led an almost perfect career, something most of his peers can only dream of. His stint of 20 years in the Tibetan

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