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Nagaland’s Ravi Problem

Apex tribal body, some extremist groups want him to stay on as interlocutor for the ongoing peace talks after NSCN (I-M) seeks his ouster Traditional tribal groups in Nagaland and some extremist groups do not appear to be on the same

Whither Naga Peace Process !

India's northern Naga tribes have been in a 50-year dispute with authorities over how they are recognized by New Delhi. Despite promises of rapprochement, armed tension continues. Ankita Mukhopadhyay reports from Kohima. India's

‘Naga Problem Is Political’

Nagaland governor R N Ravi's outburst about the Naga problem being a law and order problem and not a political problem may be horribly misplaced and contrary to the position of sucessive Indian governments , but it does reflect frustration

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