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Quiet Bangla-Pak Diplomacy

ISLAMABAD/DHAKA: As India’s relations with its neighbors in the South Asian region deteriorate, old foes Pakistan and Bangladesh are making a push to build diplomatic, economic and cultural ties that could upend decades of

India Outplayed By Imran’s Hasina Swing

BY A STAFF REPORTER: Her father fought for the liberation of Bangladesh. Pakistani soldiers raped and killed thousands of Bangladeshis, brutally murdered Mukti Joddhas, those fighting for Bangladesh’s independence from

Romanian Warship For Pakistan

The Pakistan Navy recently inducted a Yarmook-class corvette in its Naval fleet. PNS Yarmook is the latest warship with cutting edge technology including weapons and terminal defence systems and according to DGPR – Pakistan Navy. The

Pak Drive To Reset Bangla Ties

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan is quietly making efforts to mend its ties with Bangladesh after certain developments in the region have provided a window of opportunity to both countries to seek rapprochement. Diplomatic sources familiar with the

Jadhav Refuses Death Penalty Review!

Pakistan has offered India a second consular access to Kulbushan Jadhav, the former Indian Navy officer who is on a death row. He was arrested on charges of espionage in Balochistan in March 2016 and sentenced to death by a military court

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