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The Road forward for Indian Muslims

I always found it difficult to speak before an august gathering of religious scholars and leaders. What I speak before them will be like showing candle before the sun. But sun creates shadows which it cannot reach while candle can do reach

Tabligh myths and role in Covid spread

Tablighi Jaamat’s criminal negligence, deceit and denial before and after the congregation at Nizamuddin Markaz from 13-15 March, surely not ignorance, as they had prior knowledge of similar events contributing to major cases of infections

SECURITY WISE : Time for less Froth and Foam

Time to dispassionately lay the blame for the single, most dangerous, event responsible for the Coronavirus spread throughout the country — the annual meeting hosted by the Markaz Nizamuddin of the Tablighi Jamaat led by the numskull of a

Dont communalise Corona : BJP chief Nadda

BJP President J P Nadda is learnt to have urged his party leaders to refrain from giving any “communal colour” or create any “division or differences” over the Covid-19 outbreak. This comes after more than 400 positive cases and 15

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