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Xi’s US Policy Challenged

New Delhi, Aug 07: While India reiterated that there shall be no de-escalation along the Line of Actual Control unless China disengages, reports indicate that there may be some re-work on in Beijing. Xi Jinping There are concerns

Asian Stockslide On War Fears

Asian shares slipped on Thursday as investors' worries over rising tensions between Washington and Beijing overcame hopes for more economic stimulus, after the United States ordered the closure of China's consulate in Houston amid

After India, TikTok To Face US Fire

Zhang Yiming, founder of the wildly popular but recently besieged TikTok, has done everything he could to localize the short video app in global markets to ease rising political pressures. But he appears to be increasingly boxed in,

H1B , Trump And India

The US decision last month to temporarily stop issuing H-1B and H-4 visas — along with a slew of previously announced restrictions on legal immigration — impacts India more than any other country. H-1B visas are used mostly by high-tech

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