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Teenager calls for massive donations from all religious trusts


A 15-year-old boy from Dehra Dun has recently written a letter to PM Narendra Modi which is making a lot of sense even though it comes from a class 10 student and not some expert. The letter is creative, empathetic and totally hits the point home!

The world is now struggling with a Coronavirus pandemic and India is now under a 21-day lockdown to slow down the spread of Covid-19 by enforcing social distancing. But these lockdown measures are wreaking havoc on India which is still a developing nation and the world’s second most populated at that.

Millions of migrant workers, beggars, homeless and daily wage workers have been left without jobs overnight, and a major concern is if the Covid-19 lockdown is extended, how will they survive?

Abhinav Kumar Sharma, a class 10 student from St Joseph’s Academy, Dehra Dun points out this grave danger in his letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and gives a brilliant suggestion.

He asks the PM to make it mandatory for all religious trusts, irrespective of which religion they follow, to donate 80% of God’s wealth’ to the PM CARES fund so that the money could be used for the people who need it during this Covid-19 lockdown.

“I am sure god would be happy to bless us if this money saves god’s children. We all will have more faith in humanity,” Abhinav wrote in his letter to the PM.

Check out the full letter to the PM from Abhinav here:

The full letter written by Class 10 student Abhinav Kumar Sharma to PM Narendra Modi during Covid-19 lockdown

Abhinav’s parents work in healthcare

Abhinav tells us he has been following the Coronavirus pandemic closely ever since it rose its head in China.

“With god’s grace my Mom and Dad comes from a medical background and are going to hospital every day so they share stories and situation related to COVID-19,” he says.

“Our Prime minister has suggested that only social distancing can save us at this time. So, I am hoping this lockdown may partially be extended but there should be better arrangements so that nobody suffers,” he adds.

Unlike most people in India even adults Abhinav didn’t take to Facebook or Twitter to put out his message to the PM. He got the email ID and mailed the Prime Minister with his idea.

We hope his words serve as an inspiration to any youngster who wants his idea and voice to be heard. Just take the right channel and your words are sure to reach the right place where policies are decided.

Courtesy – Indiatoday

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