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The Hidden Agenda


Out of the 7 steps recommended by Modi in his 10 am address today, 6 are things that you don’t really need a Prime Minister to tell you about, because they are the obvious things that any sensible human being would do in a situation like this.
They are as follows – ‘care for elders’, ‘wear masks and stay at home’, ‘boost immunity by taking hot drinks’, ‘think about poor families’, ‘do not terminate the services of workers’ and ‘respect doctors, nurses and people who clean’.
Not one of these 6 specifies what the government is doing, intends to do, or is capable of doing. Prime Ministers are elected to do the job of telling citizens what a government is doing or planning to do, not to tell citizens to be nice to the elderly and drink hot drinks.
Only 1 of the 7 steps has a concrete dimension, and that is step 4 – the command to download an intensely invasive surveillance application – the ‘Aarogya Setu App’, so that the state can achieve a tighter degree of control over citizens lives, movements and actions. That was the real point of the ‘Seven Steps’ or ‘Saptapadi’. The rest was sugar coating.
Outside of the anti-climactic outline of the ‘seven steps’ Modi did 3 things in his speech today –
1️⃣ Repeat lies about how the government was well prepared for the pandemic.2️⃣ Announce a new deadline (3 May).3️⃣ Announce a period of Intense scrutiny of ‘Lockdown Violation’ till 21st April  and encourage vigilantism to enforce the lockdown till then.
The real intent of Modi’s speech was to tacitly encourage vigilantism and snitching on ‘lockdown violators’ and building consensus for the voluntary usage (by citizens) of an allocation for the state’s surveillance of citizens.
This is the way that a consensus designed to normalise totalitarian measures that should be unacceptable in any democratic society is being set in motion. 
It took 25 minutes of all our time for this to be done.

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