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The Supreme Hero Of Galwan


Only 23 years of age, playful, the usual fun-loving Sikh , his boyish looks concealing the steely soldier who will never shy away from an unequal fight. 
Meet Gurtej Singh  of 3rd Punjab’s ‘Ghatak Platoon’  who reinforced the beleaguered , outmaneuvered fighters of 16th Bihar regiment at Galwan valley on the evening of 15 June. But first take a ticket to  heaven, where rests ‘chota phai Gurtej’ ,  blessed by the Almighty.
He is not here with his paltan anymore and will not return to his family for his favourite ‘sarson da saag’ and ‘makkai di roti’.

Honestly , it is very difficult for an emotional Bengali like me , also a military school product, to hold back tears as I write the amazing story of ‘chotaphai Gurtej’.
As the fierce 3rd ‘Ghataks’ and the Sikh gunners of Medium Arty regiment rushed into the fight with very little time to plan and prepare on that Monday evening in the picturesque but blooded Galwan Valley , they were only carrying their customary kirpan and an assortments of sticks, rods and sharp knives.
Fellow fighters recall Gurtej being attacked by four Chinese soldiers. The strong Sikh, shouting his ‘Bole So Nihal, Sat Sri Akal’ war cries in a thunderous roar,  swung round two of them and as two others tried to pin him down, he dragged all four of them towards the cliff.
“All four Chinese were flung to death but Gurtej lost his balance and also slipped , but was stuck in a boulder , hence avoiding a free fall. Badly injured in the neck and head, Gurtej rewrapped his turban  and in a inhuman effort pulled himself back into the fight,” said a military source quoting a fellow fighter.
Gurtej slashed some  Chinese with his kirpan before he could snatch a sharp weapon from a Chinese soldier. 
“Not only that one but seven other Chinese soldiers perished at the hands of Gurtej before one stabbed him from behind. Even as he went down , he slashed his killer with his kirpan,” said the military source.

At the end of the bloody fight, Gurtej lay dead but so were the 12 Chinese killed by them. As they say, ‘Ik Ik Akali Sikh sawa lakh de barabar” ( an Akali Sikh is as good as 1,25,000) 
Gurtej’s body was dragged back by the surviving ‘Ghataks’. I have no access to his village to recount his cremation but knowing Sikhs so well from my childhood in Punjab, I am sure his proud parents will have tears in their eyes for him — but more tears of pride than tears of sorrow.
Gurtej Singh , the latest martyr or ‘Shaheed’  in an enormously crowded pantheon of Sikh heroes starting from Banda Bahadur , is a hero India is yet to know but will never forget once it did .
I remember my IAF instructor-father shedding tears for his dear ‘Sardar beta’ Flying Officer Nirmaljit Singh Sekhon in 1971.

Flying OfficerNirmal Jit Singh Sekhon, was posthumously awarded the Param Vir Chakra, India’s highest military decoration , in recognition of his lone defence of Srinagar Air Base against a PAF air raid during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971.  He is the only member of the Indian Air Force to be honoured with the PVC . 

Today, I am left in tears for ‘Gurtej phai’ whom I have never met but with whom my bonds will surely be reinforced in heaven because ‘chota phai’ will be grateful to ‘Dada’ for telling the country his story.
The story has not been picked up by the ‘sanitised’ defence reporting from Delhi  playing to the Pied Piper’s tune of 3Ds– defuse, de-escalate, disengage– that has so far held back a brilliant strategist like Lt Gen Harinder Singh from teaching the Chinese a lesson they learnt in Vietnam 1979. Singh finally gave them that lesson in Galwan Valley on June 15 in the second phase  of the battle when he threw into the fray the Ghataks and the Sikh gunners. . 
If  the Chinese social media chatter is any indication, Harinder is a reverse hero for them– they were  elated at Indian media reports about Harinder’s possible removal but will be dismayed now that the Army Chief M M Naravane has put his foot down.

We Bengalis have a huge connect and a ‘soft corner’ for Sikhs and other Punjabis — of the 585 freedom fighters in Andaman’s Cellular Jail during the entire stretch of our fight for freedom,  398 were from Bengal, my maternal grandfather included, and 98 were from Punjab. None from Gujarat by the way.
We suffered the worst in Partition and then from the repressive culture of ‘fake encounters ‘ — Bengal in 1970s, Punjab in 1980s.
As I recount the Gurtej saga, I insist on the highest priority the Indian and the Punjab government should give to fighting drugs in Punjab.
Much as we should give top priority to restoring good relations with Nepal to ensure the flow of the brave Gurkhas who have defended India more than Nepal. 
Pushing in drugs from the ‘Golden Crescent’  is a hugely evil conspiracy by the Pakistani military establishment to finish the youth in Punjab and thus denying Indian army a huge catchment area for recruitment of soldiers like Gurtej.  So as we feel proud of Gurtej Singh, his death is a reminder to the unfinished task of fighting drugs in Punjab. 
Chief Minister Amrinder Singh , in and out of army but strong on rhetoric like ‘ kill ten Chinese for one of us’ , should focus more seriously on fighting drugs than on fighting Pakistanis and Chinese, because that is his job at the moment  and that of leading the fight against the Chinese is better left to Defence Minister Rajnath Singh. 

I shudder to imagine skinny , bleary eyed , drowsy looking Punjabi youngsters hit by drug addiction as I recall my teenage days with the likes of Davinder Singh , India’s top penalty corner hitter in 1980 Moscow Olympics ,  champion swimmer Sushil Kohli ‘Manga’, my cricket buddy Vinod Dutt (now in Canada) or my gunner-turned-journalist friend Pushp Pal Singh, who looked after my father when I was away at Oxford or later elsewhere in India for work. 
 Davinder would milk 30 buffaloes in the morning and as many in the evening and his rock-like “dole” (biceps) would rain blinding shots past the best of goalkeepers . To his burly father, my ability to finish 12 aloo-parathas in breakfast was an enigma — ‘tusi Pangali hoh, bareh kamal de Bangali hoh’ (You are Bengali, really a unique Bengali) , “Chacha would say in surprise, little knowing my grandfather could finish a small goat or 100 rasgoollas after a normal meal , as Maharani Bibhu Devi of Tripura royal household, where my grandfather served as chief Chief of Royal Bodyguards.  ” Tu kya katha hai Beta, tera Dadaji ek bakra khud kha jata tha”, Mata Maharani would say so often to goad me to eat more. As would  my countless ‘Boins’and ‘Bhabis’ in Bangladesh ” Dada amago manush, arektu kaan”, ( Dada you are ours, please eat more) 
Bengalis and  Punjabis love bravehearts, ‘shaheeds’, big-eaters (Khan-pin da banda)  and hate crooks, conspirators and chamchas( sycophants) .
But for now, bye bye ‘chota phai Gurtej’ — see you in heaven some day.

Meghalaya Governor Tathagata Roy’s Response

Dear Subir.
It is not for nothing that I consider myself a closet Sikh.I also consider Sikhi to be the nearest thing to the perfect religion.But why?Because Sikhs have the best work ethic in India. You’ll never see a Sikh begging.Because Sikhs are the most altruistic of people. They feed people for nothing at their langars. And, when there was a terrible drought in parts of Maharashtra, Sikh tanker owners got together and transported water for them.They’re heroic, of course. Everyone knows that.But I love them most for one reason than others and consider their religion the most perfect. And that is?They are religiously very tolerant and will not interfere with others’ religion. But If Aanyone Messes with their religion they’ll teach him such a lesson that the next fourteen generations wll remember it. I am proud to have visited their highest shrine in Hemkund Sahib and had three ‘dubki’s in the freezing Kund. Then I recited Tagore’s poem ‘Guru Gobind’ there, for which I had carried the book with me.A friend once said, “If Hinduism is  Ganga-jal, sacred but polluted, Sikhism is distilled Ganga-jal”. Wah Guruji ka Khalsa, Wah Guruji ki Fateh.

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  1. Tiger says

    Why is the bravery of this valiant sikh soldier not being shown to the country.

    1. Paramjit Singh says

      It’s pity that this is not a national news

      1. Jacob says

        Long live the brave sikhs

      2. C S Gogna says

        It is really strange the brave story is not being shared on media. Long live Sikhs Brave warrior’s Proud of this community

        1. RS says

          Correction cos of typo :
          Agree 100% with u ! This is why many feel like cannon fodder for India, now ! 😒

        2. Ras says

          Correction cos of typo :
          Agree 100% with u ! This is why many feel like cannon fodder for India, now ! 😒

          1. AVER says

            Salute to the braveheart but Why Akali Sikh, rest other Sikhs are not Guru ke bande???

          2. Phaniraj V Akshanta says

            One should know that our news channels owe allegiance to one or the other party, catering to their interests. What is left is DD which from inception has been a propaganda tool for the ruling party. The best way is our defence forces should initiate their own publicity (information) tool to enlighten the citizens, as our citizenry just do not believe any of the channels, but have the highest regard for our defence forces.

  2. Brig JM Devadoss says

    Supreme Hero is “Zorawar II”.
    Inspiring article on an awesome Super Warrior.
    Sure he will be happy abode.

  3. PP SINGH says

    I feel sad, not because I am a Sikh but because I am still a soldier and the government for no reason did not have Sikh troops in Republic Day Parade for no reason or reasons best known to some idiot as Sikhs have always proved that WE MAY BE 2% BUT WE GIVE 200% WHEN IT COMES TO DEALING WITH OUR ENEMIES OR SERVING THOSE IN NEED. ASK THE CHINESE IF YOU HAVE ANY DOUBTS.

    1. Ashish Banerjee says


      Good evening. I wish to thank you for your service. I had the previlige of attending the republic day parade and I wish to say that the Sikh troops were present and held a place of pride within the parade. I rechecked my photos and I can safely confirm that the sikh troops were present at this year’s republic day parade. Sir, please feel free to msg me and I will send you the pictures.

      Warm Regards
      Ashish Banerjee

      1. Tushar says

        Ashish you need to be thanked for erasing PP Singh’s wrong impression. Sikhs are the pride of the nation how will anyone ever ignore them??


      He once again demonstrated jo bole so nihal, sat sri akal. He also clearly demonstrated his commitment to be blessed by almighty. Subir’s description made e remember mukti vahini days during three months of school vacation give me a unique chance of blowing Akhora road bridge at age of 15. When a indian goes in fighting mode he is clear his highest award is union with almighty. Those who are lucky get it. Indian Army is famous for this fighting spirit which is unmatched.
      जय हिन्द की सेना, जय हिन्द ।।

    3. satish arolkar says

      Sikhs apparently Were present at this year’s Republic Day Parade as per the correction that followed. However rest assured Sardars are Pagdi of our Nation Pagdi sallamat to R-day Hazaar!

    4. Raminder Singh says

      You give your 200% , that’s what they Fear.

    5. jssidhoo says

      I am a retired Sikh Army officer , that was great however wish you had brought out the fact that Indian faujis helped Indian faujis .m

    6. Papayaman says

      Why are you spreading misinformation without fact checking, I don’t think there has ever been a Republica Day Parade without Sikhs, you Sir should retract your comment. We Indians hold Sikhs in the highest regard and can never forget their sacrifices.
      Jai Hind !!

      1. RS says

        Agree 100% with u ! This is why many feel like canned n fodder for India, now ! 😒

      2. RS says

        Correction because of Typo :
        Agree 100% with u ! This is why many feel like canned n fodder for India, now ! 😒

  4. Puneeta Bains says

    Why isn’t his bravery acknowledged by the media? Indeed Zorawar Singh the second.. Can’t hold back my tears.. All prayers his way.. Wahe Guru ji the Khalsa, Wahe Guru ji di fateh..

    1. Kb Singh says

      I appreciate compliments about Gurtej Singh and Sikhs in general, but you all seem to have your limitations and unable to answer the ‘real’ questions:
      1. Why Gurtej’s story is not being published or broadcasted by the main stream media? And why haven’t anyone of you challenged the Indian media about it ?
      2. Why Punjab’s water is continued to be stolen and given away to other states (without any financial compensation to punjab) whereas farmers of Punjab have to bore up to 200ft to water their crops.
      3. While Sikhs have recently been helping the nation during covid19 by serving free langar/food irrespective of your caste,creed,color or religion, whereas Sikhs are being attacked by the non-believers (I mean non-believers of the human factor the ones who have not been taught compassion or love for others). Who could stop this nonsense ? It needs to start from your homes. Sikh Gurus taught us to love Waheguru’s creation, to share their earnings with needy and Sikhs thru out the world are practicing it in their everyday lives. But who is going to teach the same lessons to the rest of Indians (particularly the fascists with one agenda ‘hindu only’ India).

      The real truth is until the devil hits your own home, you won’t wake up and do good. I am hoping there are still some alert and aware people in India who would speak up against the oppression and crimes committed by the so called ‘democractic’ government/rulers.

      WAHEGURU exists and the day is not far when fascists would receive a slap on there faces or even worst than that India breaks into pieces because fascists were too late in realizing ‘humans’ and they were deep down enjoying the ‘animal shit’.

  5. AMEET PAREKH says


    1. Nagaraj says

      Be in military,sports,for that matter in any field Singh is king.As an ex air warrier I had an opportunity to work Sikhs.I had very close friends.I felt very proud to hear heroism of the young soldier.Jai Hind

  6. Rahul Karmakar says

    Touching. And the connect between the two communities is so apt. Sikhs offer services without seeking anything in return unlike those of other faiths, who invariably have a motive.

    1. Satish says

      Jai ho
      You live eternal in Indian hearts
      You have revived the heroics of brave sikhs
      I have a few very near and dear friends Sikhs and cherish their memory though not met for two decades

    2. Jitendra V Patel says

      ‘JAI HIND’ my friend,
      Why have you to pin point a certain state,
      We all are ‘INDIANS’.
      Sorry if WE have hurt you in any manner 🙏🙏🙏

  7. Sandeep Singh Gill says

    the bravery is not being acknowledged as there is no upcoming election in Punjab unlike Bihar.

    1. Sundeep Chandanani says

      My salutations to the superhero Gurutej & also all my Sikh brothers who, from time immemorial, have been wall in defence of our Bharat. No amount of appreciation is enough to explain their sacrifices. But request you not to politicize this issue.
      Jai Hind


        Gurtej is worthy of PVC considering his great sacrifice at the tender age of 23.And his valour to finish off 12 enemies.9
        May his soul rest in peace.
        His heroic achievement Must be highlighted and included in school syllabus as a worthy tribute and inspiration to all Indians.
        I had the privilege of visiting Punjab and knowing these exemplary people during my official trips in early 70s.
        Sikhs are a gift to India.
        May God bless.

    2. Umang Dholabhai says

      Amazing and inspiring story. A million salutations wouldn’t be enough for our brave son. However, a small sentence regarding Gujarat not being a part of it seemed out of context which definitely does not dilute the work of our nation as a whole. Just that it seemed some prejudices peeked out of one of the best war story I have read.

  8. Tamal Sanyal says

    Salute to Gurtej and his unmatched valour, though I’d like to place a small correction to straighten the record, about the figures quoted. The political prisoners (state-wise) in Cellular jail of Andaman

    Bengal – 338
    Punjab – 67
    UP – 20 (including 02 bengalis – Sachindranath Sanyal and Mukhada Babu)
    Bihar – 16 (including 01 Bengali – Promothnath Ghosh)
    Assam – 04
    Maharashtra – 03 (Ganesh Damodar Savarkar and Vinayak Damodar Savarkar and Vaman Joshi)
    AP – 01 (Prativadi Bhayankara Venkatacharya)

  9. Surjit Singh Gill says

    Proud of the sacrifice Gurtej made for the motherland. His bravery will inspire many more to follow in his footsteps.

  10. Sarabjit Singh says

    Waheguru ji, Give us Many more GURTEJ to save our very own country ‘ HINDUSTAN’ .
    Prayer of a Sikh…🙏

  11. Raj Nakul Singh says

    Thanks for the article. Jo bole so nihal sat sri akal. Jai Hind ki sena

  12. V.kapur says

    Since the day Tenth Guru made Khalsa The Skih valour and sacrifice is unmatched in the history of man kind every Indian is indebted to this brave koum Gurtaj is another example of Goru Sikh No words can describe the pride we feel as nation to have sons like Gurtaj May God give courage to his family to loose such a gem

    1. Raj says

      Couldn’t hold back my tears. But why should he be thankful to “dada” to bring his story to the country. I mean thank you for bringing his story but why mention it in third person. Why want such nihilistic credit. Also how do you mean, “none from GUjrat by the way,”?? I am not a gujarati but I defend every Indian. Gujrat may not give soldiers or prisoners, but it gives entrepreneurs and leaders. Heck every region does not give everything. I think with this snide comment you are being stupidly cheeky revealing a dash of Bengali machismo and your colored worldview. I dont know about all bengalis, but some have gulped up so much of others literature that they being to think they are cleverer than the writers they read …

      1. Appu says

        Never met a brave bengali or a sober sikh in my life. Keep patting your own backs. This article was more about your lineage than about Gurtej. As insufferable as they come.

  13. Mureed Jaspal Singh says

    Deg Teg Fateh, Panth Ki Jeet. Jhoolte Nishan Rahein Panth Maharaj Ke.

    Singhaniya varge kinna ne putt jamne
    Vakhra hunda jisda kirdar jag te
    Lor pave ta sees tali rakh laye
    Vaar deve desh ton jaan vich maidan khar ke.

  14. Khimji says

    Dear Sir – the Sikh Regiment is always there in the republic day parade. I saw them, please recheck.

    1. GS Ahuja says

      I was 26th Jan. 2015 or 2016 ie Ist or 2nd year of NDA Govt. when no Sikh Regiment participated in the Republic Day parade.

  15. S K Dutta says

    Superb narration n motivating saga of bravery of Gurtej n other bravehearts of our Army.Salute the gallant martyrs.
    Thanks sharing this inspiring saga,Subir Bhowmik.

  16. Tushar says

    Gurtej, come back soon to lead the Nation after 25 years.

  17. Partha Biswas says

    I have had the honour and pleasure of having known many excellent “paaji” friends from the army (Maj. Gen Joginder Singh), and a huge number of Sikh, who are my personal friends. Yes they belong to a class of their own, in every aspect of life. Hat’s off to Gurtej Singh for the valour shown by him.

  18. ABHAY says

    Salute to the brave heart Gurutej. You are an inspiration to the youth of this country. Sat Sri Akal .

  19. Umang Dholabhai says

    Amazing and inspiring story. A million salutations wouldn’t be enough for our brave son. However, a small sentence regarding Gujarat not being a part of it seemed out of context which definitely does not dilute the work of our nation as a whole. Just that it seemed some prejudices peeked out of one of the best war story I have read.

  20. Abhy Singh Deora says

    My humble salute and homage to the mighty young hero of 3 Medium Regiment ,Gunner Martyr Gurtej Singh for the extraordinary valour and courage he displayed at Galwan Valley and slained 12 Chinese before proceeding for heavenly abode.May his soul rest in peace.

  21. Aneet Kahlon says

    Proud to be a Sikh myself

  22. Harpreet says

    Subir Ji, A very fine article. Thanks for your good work and reflection of current Punjabi Sikh youth as well. I have a Calcutta connection and have always had a soft corner for Bengali brotherhood. I am curious to know if and how the partition has affected Bengali pride and what are the thoughts n views of Bengali youth wrt making India great;. Also why the power of the Bengali pen is no longer heard to Delhi anymore. I am not into politics so unsure which MnM is better. Please research and write a piece on rise/fall/stagnant Bengali pride, which ever direction it has moved since independence. Thanks again. Waheguru be with you always.

    1. Sam says

      Author’s efforts at equating Punjabis (that too, Sikhs) with Chicken-hearted Bengalis is laughable.. Bengalis were first to capitualate easily to British and provided a foothold for them to later spread across India.
      Secondly, these Bengalis (and Biharis) formed the backbone of British Army who fought Sikh armies in Anglo-Sikh wars, and Sikhs were among the last to fall to British.
      Thirdly, while both Punjab and Bengal faced a bloody partition, Sikhs and Punjabi Hindus gave back in equal measures.. For every ghost train sent from Lahore to Amritsar, they sent back two.. and ensured a complete cleansing of Eastern Punjab of Islamic scum (except an enclave of Malerkotla, courtesy Mahatama Gandi)… On the contrary, Muslims not only got a larger part of Bengal, they also stayed put in Western Bengal, and still continue to bleed both Waste Bengal and Assam

  23. Madhusudan Koltey says


  24. Dhananjay Chaturvedi says

    Excellent piece written by Subir, celebrating the valour of Gurutaj. Actually I had goosebumps going through the narrative.
    May god bless Shaheed Gurtaj’s soul with salvation.
    What I did not appreciate in this article was a bit of parochial self praise by the author about Bengal and unnecessarily running down the Gujaratis.
    Gujaratis are a very industrious and progressive society,they have created wealth, industries and employment opportunities for the fellow countrymen and hence the comment left a bad aftertaste unnecessarily a
    as such was avoidable.
    Bengal has been blessed with several luminaries through the years in the field of Spirituality, literature,sports, revolutionaries, freedom fighters but have had more than their fair share of people indulging in Chicanery, Purgery,Forgery, Slimey behaviour which is known to a lot of people who care to know.
    I was born in Calcutta with my family having a history of more than 125 years in Bengal ,which has given me a fair insight about Bengal in addition to my quest for knowledge from other regular sources.

    1. Sadhana Bose says

      Well said and perfectly ecplained. As a Bengali and defence force product myself, that one, unnecessary comment about Gujaratis left a terrible taste in my mouth.

  25. Surinder says

    GURTEJ ….(Guru ka Tej)
    He proved it.

  26. Madan says

    Salute to this Hero of the Nation.


    Gurtej is worthy of PVC considering his great sacrifice at the tender age of 23.And his valour to finish off 12 enemies.9
    May his soul rest in peace.
    His heroic achievement Must be highlighted and included in school syllabus as a worthy tribute and inspiration to all Indians.
    I had the privilege of visiting Punjab and knowing these exemplary people during my official trips in early 70s.
    Sikhs are a gift to India.
    May God bless.

  28. Kiron Kaur says

    RIP dear Brave Heart! Glory to your family and community – once again you have made Sikhs proud – long live the legacy of our Gurus – always there to protect and defend… A BIG, BIG thank you to you Mr. Bhaumik for daring to write his story and sharing with us – forever indebted to you- the TRUTH SHALL PREVAIL – SAT SRI AKAL – TRUTH IS THE ETERNAL WEALTH!!!

    1. Parambir Singh says

      We hail our brave lions, who stand upright against any wrong. I m sure that this bravery and uprightness will continue to be mark of every Sikh.

  29. V Sreenivasa Rao says

    What a bravery. Being an Indian proud of him. Great warrior.

  30. Prabjot Singh says

    Be it anywhere in the world these lions of Guru Gobind Singh shall always prevail and be victorious

  31. Parambir Singh says

    We hail our brave lions, who stand upright against any wrong. I m sure that this bravery and uprightness will continue to be mark of every Sikh.

  32. Balvir Singh says

    Truly said;

    A salute dil se and Waheguru mehar kare. True jazba of respect to nation.

  33. Lt. Col. SPS Aurora says

    Proud to be a Sikh. Am 81 now. Wish I was younger to rejoin my forces to join the likes of Gurtej. He fought like a tiger. I served at Darbuk in1963-66.
    Lt. Col. SPS Aurora

  34. GURMEET SINGH says

    No words to say 🙏🙏

    1. Amit says

      Salute to superhero Gurtej Singh and request to the Almighty God to rest our superhero’s Soul in Heavenly Peace.

    2. Ravinder Singh says

      Perhaps PP Singh is referring to the year 2016, he is right no sikh were included in the republic day parade that year.

  35. Hardeep bhalla says

    Salute to Indias proud HERO

  36. Partha Debnath says

    Real fighter who taught Chinese a lesson of their life. Long live

  37. Inderjeet Singh Bhalla says

    Thank you so much for the beautiful article

  38. Vishu says

    Good article and thanks for bringing this story to the fore.
    But didn’t appreciate the unnecessary “None from Gujarat by the way” jibe. Of all the people, journalist like you should be responsible enough and not take these cheap shots. There was no need to divide Gujaratis and Bengalis here. Anyways I wish you better sense next time.

  39. A Neogi says

    My salute

  40. Birendra Singh Huja, Honolulu says

    A sad commentary loss of the your with a future lost and a complimentary note on the Sikh culture which remains true as long as this noble culture lasts.

    We are where just because the politicians in power in China, India and elsewhere not make ANY effort to bring peace to this fragile earth. Sitting in thier A/C offices fattening their fat a….using the youth, our futures fodder for nonsensical skirmishes and wars. They ( the youth)could be using their brains and brow to make their families and our world better.

    This is my the on this well written piece.

  41. Birendra Singh Huja says

    As I was looking at the transcript I observed hastiness on my part. Please ignore my the earlier note. My sincere apology for the hasty firing a response without adequate thought. Please read and consider my note below. Mahalo ( thank you in Hawaii)
    A sad commentary of loss of a youth with a bright future lost. Additionally the article is a complimentary note on the Sikh culture which will hold true as long as the noble culture lasts.

    We in the world where are because there is a dearth of visionary leaders. The politicians in power in China, India and many other countries do not make ANY effort to bring peace to his fragile state of affairs of earth. Sitting in their A/C offices with no vision they are fattening their wallets. They are using the youth, our futures as fodder for nonsensical skirmishes and wars. Politicians are continually fanning the fires of division using nationalism and other type of isms for their benefit while fooling the masses with their covert antics.

    Their is nothing great about wars but only our failure to live in peace.

    To my dismay the article besides glorifying war mentality this well written article has serious short comings on communal harmony.

  42. Amrit Pal Singh says

    Inspite of all the selfless service to nation, the Sikhs don’t have a state capital. Their language, culture and interests are demeaned in their own state. The state politicians are spineless and corrupt. Indian enemies know how to destroy the arms of India, they are doing so by bribing these power hungry politicians. Gujarat and Bihar have banned alcohol in their states, but in our Guru’s land Punjab, it is free for all. If only the Indian government had given Punjab its due, the exodus of Punjab’s youth could have been stalled. Punjab like Pandavas is asking a state for themselves, not a nation.

  43. Vidya Sagar Sharma says

    “Cowards die many times before their death, but the valiant never taste of death but once.” – Shakespeare.
    The sacrifice of Gurtej for India, at a tender age of 23, will never be forgotton. It was a sacrifice on which ‘ gods themselves throw insense.’ This brave son of India deserves the highest honour for his Supreme Sacrifice.
    May his soul rest in eternal peace!

  44. r k rathore says

    The valiant soldier no doubt deserves a medal for his bravery if the facts stated are true. This has been circulating in social media since last few days. However, I am unable to verify these facts in any government or army press release. We should not undermine the bravery and sacrifice of all 20 soldiers who lost their lives especially commander Col Babu in this incident. In the Army, it is the commander whose leadership qualities motivate the soldiers to do or die for the country.
    The source of this news may kindly be mentioned.

    1. Inderjeet says

      I checked with the PTI and government spokesman. They have no such information on record.

  45. Renu Mohan says

    After seeing the sweet face of Gurtej singh, I could not believe that he had the strength of so many lions, though he is no more with the platoon and with his parents but they will always feel his presence.
    The Nation will not forget are sherputra who killed so many chinese men, my heart feels proud but the eyes are wet.

  46. Prakash R S says

    My salute to brave indian son, a brother, a soldier Gurutej Singh paji. Thank you for your supreme sacrifice for the motherland. May your soul rest in peace 😭😭. My prayers are with your family 🙏🙏.
    Jo Bole So Nihal Sat Sri Akal.
    Jai hind

  47. I S Narang says

    The confrontation between the Indian and Chinese troops took place at dead of night. What actually happened is a mystery . The reporter has described the incident in reference to gurtej Singh as if our reporter was an eye witness or video recording . It was completely dark and the even the soldiers engaged in confrontation could not make out much in hand to hand fight. The intention appears to sensationalise the issue and gain publicity. This is how the media has lost its credibility. Ours is a family with members in all defence forces and this news item is in bad taste.
    The article also is racist with attack on Gujarati’s . Besides the reporter would be aware that pre partition Bengal and Punjab were geographically much larger areas including states of Haryana, Himachal and areas of Pakistan and Bangladesh. So there cannot be any comparison of the inmates of Cellular jail .

  48. jitender tokas says

    Tusi great ho. Hero indian army 🙏🙏

  49. Vikas ginodia says

    One wonders when we get to honour our heroes and when these patriotic soldiers find their due , thks for bringing tuis record , i feel proud that we have sikhs among us who have strong belief in serving mankind , can we contribute someway

    1. Inderjeet says

      We should only salute Indian Army if we are nationalistic and truly secular. However after reading the article and comments of various people, it is saddening to note that we are interested in only self praising a particular religion. The article smells of racist remarks.
      As few readers have pointed out , I also checked but there is no official confirmation from Army of what is mentioned in the article. Thus even the credibility of media is questionable.

  50. Ananthram Rao says

    While martyr boy Gurtej deserves to be honored posthumously with PVC, the tone and tenor of the author is unpardonable, spiteful. He has tried to divide the nation into Punjab, Bengal, Gujarat etc missing the larger picture of unity of the country. This reflects very bad of the author. He should tender unconditional apologies for such lines of hatred and disrespect.

  51. r singh says

    Gurtej Singh, a valiant Sikh of Sri Guru Govind Singh Ji, long live Gurtej Singh and long live unity of Hindustan.
    These Sikh’s are blessing to India and Indian minorities. It is the only group that has the moral and spiritual strength to save the sure hell the present governing elite of India is digging for its thousands of divided communities. The Sikh’s energies in recent times has been cunningly abstracted for a separate state of Khalistan. They need to find a way of overcoming this, anyway, how can they walk away? when so much injustice their countryman are currently facing.

  52. Avtar Singh says

    An excellent piece of article on the valour of young Gurtej Singh (just 23 years old). Such valour should have been the National News, but unfortunately, the mainstream media is busy in championing the political interests of their masters.

    Sir, would you be kind enough to reproduce the article – with due acknowledgement to you – in our monthly journal called – The Sikh Review, publishes from Kolkata since 1953.

  53. Ravinder Singh says

    Perhaps PP Singh is referring to the year 2016, he is right no sikh were included in the republic day parade that year.

  54. Major (retired) Parmjit Singh Pammi,USA says

    Dear Sabir,
    Gurtej was an Amritdhari Singh and he followed the Code of Khalsa.Wearing a Kirpan was part of his dress.It was with Kirpan that he was able to kill so many enemies.His fight was an opportunity to fulfill a wish of Guru Gobind Singh:”shastran sio att hi rann bhitar,joojh maron to sach patije”( Truth will then be satisfied if I,armed with weapons, fight to death in the battle field).

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