Connecting Regions of Asia.

The Virus Blame Cross Southeast Asian Borders


Thai health authorities are racing in their contact-tracing efforts after at least 19 Covid-19 cases in recent weeks were linked to migrant workers who slipped through the border with Myanmar. 
The government has also increased military patrols and uncoiled barbed wire at some border crossing points while police officers have arrested suspected smugglers.
The region depends on its porous border for economic activity, but now Thai authorities are nervous that their coronavirus containment strategy, one of the world’s most successful, may be at risk.
Countries around the world that depend on migrant workers are blaming them for the virus spread. In Southeast Asia, China, Vietnam and Myanmar have pointed fingers at neighboring countries.
 Because of their uncertain status, undocumented laborers are thought to be less likely to seek medical attention when they are sick. 
The dangers of overlooking foreign workers were evident in Singapore, when an outbreak began in a crowded dormitory for migrants, and in Saudi Arabia, which deported migrants who had the virus.

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