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Third Generation Soldier Hero With His Troops


When a young Indian  lieutenant  punched a Chinese PLA major on his nose at Muguthang and send blood oozing from his nose, he nearly provoked an escalation.
His infantry unit had stopped the intruding Chinese PLA at Muguthang last week , furious at the Chinese commissar shouting that “This Sikkim is not your land, this is not Indian territory, so just go back.” 
Brought up in a military family — his grandfather a veteran of the Royal and then Indian Air Force and his father a colonel in the Indian army — the young lieurenant could not stomach it anymore. 
“What Sikkim not our territory, what the hell,” he shouted back . Then as one PLA major moved menacingly towards his senior officer, the lieutenant punched him on the face.
‘The Chinese major fell in thud and even his name tag  came loose — a good souvenir to carry back but the lieutenant left it alone., as his colleagues pulled him back.
Admonished for a while by senior officers for provoking a spat, but congratulated by officers from command and divisional headquarters at Calcutta and Sukna, the lieutenant was getting ready for a commendation , but the senior commanders could not land at Muguthang because of bad weather.
Even army chief Gen M M Navarane is said to have expressed his desire to ‘have a look at the boy’ . 
The lieutenant  is unrepentant, somewhat crestfallen because he has been pulled back to a rear location away from the front. His only comfort — his troops are loving his act of ‘teaching the Chinese the right lesson.’   A senior officer said “this guy is hero for his troops, slight build but extremely pugnacious.” 
This writer cannot get his contact numbers because he is in a forward location and his officers and his retired colonel father are not willing to share it with the media.
One colonel in Sikkim advised this writer “not to blow things up too much because if the Chinese feel humiliated , they will create more trouble.”
Another brigadier in the 33rd Corps headquarters in Sukna told this writer the Chinese are in the habit of specific targeting .
In this case, the hierarchy-conscious Chinese could surely target ‘the small Indian lieutenant for hitting the Big Chinese Major’ ( the Chinglish meaning a junior hitting a senior officer).
His father, a retired  Colonel , also refused to talk because any media report may ‘harm my son’s career’.
The secrecy drilled into the soldiers and officers does not go away even after retirement — and Colonel Das is understandably worried that media glare on his son may upset the top brass who want to scale down tensions with the Chinese and not up the ante.
But this retired Colonel recalls his days when he captured a hill top in Sumdorong Chu during General K Sundarji’s “Ops Falcon’ .
“The Chinese are no great soldiers, they have a lot going in their favour , logistics, weapons , terrain, communication. But when it comes to raw courage and strength, determination and patriotism, they just cannot match us,” was all that the retired colonel was prepared to say. ” I chased them away from the hill we captured, they were stunned our braves charging into thick machine gun fire, they just panicked and ran.” 
Asked about his son, he said “I just cannot get his number” and “please speak to his senior officers.”   ” I never share anything about the army on my social media post,” says an entry in his facebook page.

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