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This city is set to ease the world’s longest COVID-19 lockdown



Since vaccination started, cases have substantially reduced. Consequently, COVID-related restrictions are being gradually lifted all over the world.

Authorities in Melbourne, which has spent the most time under COVID-19 lockdowns in the world, stated on Sunday that the stay-at-home restrictions will be removed this week. Since March 2020, the 5 million Australian-citizen’s city was under six lockdowns spanning 262 days or roughly nine months.

According to Australian and other media reports, this is the world’s longest shutdown, surpassing Buenos Aires’ 234-day lockdown. While coronavirus infections continue to rise in Victoria State, the government’s double-vaccination ratio is expected to exceed 70% this week, permitting constraints to be eased.

There were 1,838 new coronavirus infections in Victoria, with seven deaths. Eighty percent of the residents in the region have received both of their vaccinations. Once 80% of the population has been vaccinated, the new technique renders lockdowns exceedingly doubtful.

Quarantine-free travelling from New Zealand’s South Island, where there is no infection, will continue on Wednesday, according to Australian health experts. The government is also in talks with Singapore about resuming travel between the two countries for those who have received both of their vaccines.

Although there’s been a recent increase in cases, Australia’s coronavirus statistics are still low when compared to many other advanced countries.

Nearby, New Zealand is also preparing to cope with COVID-19 by speeding up vaccinations, reported 51 new cases on Sunday, 47 of them in Auckland, the country’s largest metropolis, which has kept on restrictions from August. On Saturday, more than 2.5 percent of New Zealand’s population has received vaccination through a government mass immunisation campaign.

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