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Trump Impeachment Gains Pace


Momentum for impeaching President Trump a second time was growing rapidly over the weekend among Democrats and some Republicans, angry over Mr. Trump’s role in the assault on the Capitol building.
Representative Ted Lieu, Democrat of California, announced that the article of impeachment drafted by him and other House Democrats had drawn more than 190 co-sponsors, and that the measure would be introduced in the House of Representatives today.
A vote could come as soon as Tuesday on charging Mr. Trump with inciting a mob that went on to attack the Capitol. 
But top Democrats want to avoid hamstringing the first days of Joe Biden’s presidency with a Senate trial, so the House could delay sending the article to the Senate, which would postpone the trial.

A man who had an assault rifle was charged with threatening Nancy Pelosi, the House speaker, after he sent a text message saying he would put “a bullet in her noggin on Live TV. 
” Dozens of Trump supporters who took part in the attack on the Capitol have been arrested, including an armed Alabama man who had Molotov cocktails in his car and a West Virginia lawmaker charged with illegally entering the Capitol.

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