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Trump Trademark Goof-Up


As US on 3 November voted to select the next American President, Donald Trump Jr — the eldest son of Donald Trump — predicted the poll results of the 2020 presidential elections by sharing a “red wave” map of the world.

In a major goof-up, the distorted map tweeted by Donald Trump Jr showed India in blue shade while Jammu and Kashmir was in red colour, indicating a divide. The map, predicting poll results, also showed regions of northeastern India in red.

Predicting a “red wave” Donald Trump Jr posted a world map with the majority of countries filled in with red, the Republican Party’s colour to indicate that his father will emerge victorious in the election, which is underway in the United States.

The map showed a predominantly “red world” with the exception of India which he has shown in blue, meaning it will vote for Joe Biden. The map showed India in blue while region of Jammu and Kashmir was shown in red and voting for Donald Trump.

The map also left out few other countries like Sri Lanka, China, Liberia and Mexico in blue, indicating that they will be supporting the Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

Also, Pakistan, Myanmar, Bhutan, Bangladesh are all in red.

Taking to Twitter, Trump jr wrote, “Okay, finally got around to making my electoral map prediction. #2020Election #VOTE”

The tweet received more than 54,000 retweets and 118.7k likes at the time of publishing the report.

It is worth mentioning that the US President Donald Trump had expressed that Washington would support Delhi in its efforts to combat the threat of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.

“I know that China and India are having difficulty and very substantial difficulty. And hopefully, they will be able to work that out,” Trump said while speaking to reporters at a briefing in September.

“If we can help, we would love to help,” he added.

Omar Abdullah, Shashi Tharoor react

Several Indians criticised the map and Donald Trump Jr over the error.

Omar Abdullah, the former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister reacted to the tweet.

He wrote, “So much for the friendship with Trump Senior. Junior has placed India firmly with

@JoeBiden & @KamalaHarris though interestingly Jr. believes J&K & the NorthEast go against the rest of India & will vote Trump. Someone needs to take his colouring pencils away.”

Congress leader Shashi Tharoor took a dig at the Modi government and ridiculed the prime minister’s bonhomie with Prez Trump.

He tweeted: “The price of Namo’s bromance: Kashmir and the North East cut off from the rest of India, and the whole ‘filthy’ place relegated by Don Jr to the realm of hostiles, along with China and Mexico,” he tweeted. “So much for the crores spent on obsequious serenading stadium events!”

Courtesy – Livemint

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