Connecting Regions of Asia.



Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Donald Trump have spoken  after a Group of 20 virtual summit on the pandemic, Chinese state broadcaster CCTV announced Friday.
In a tweet, Trump said he had just finished a very good conversation with Xi. 

“Discussed in great detail the coronavirus that is ravaging large parts of our planet. China has been through much and has developed a strong understanding of the virus. We are working closely together. Much respect!” he wrote.

In the  , Xi urged unity and solidarity and delivered three main messages: strengthen international efforts to stop the virus; shore up the economy amid downward trends; and a subtle call on the US to stop its hostile moves against China.

“The virus knows no boundaries, and the pandemic is our common enemy. All countries must join hands and put up the strictest network for joint prevention and joint control [of the disease],” he said.

Chinese and American officials have been trading accusations over handling of the crisis in recent weeks.

The US has criticised China, where the outbreak was first reported, for its slow initial response and attempts to silence people who raised the alarm about Covid-19, the disease caused by the previously unknown coronavirus. But Beijing has said it informed the US in early January.Trump also angered Beijing by describing Covid-19 as the “Chinese virus”. He stopped using the term this week after criticism of racism.

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