Connecting Regions of Asia.


A Migrant Worker’s Tale

I am in my twenties a probationer with Green Park Hotel in Hyderabad , but hailing from Bihar. Service industry is the bedrock of India's growth story and I am one of its footsoldier. I was stuck in Hyderabadbecause of the abrupt

Exploring Post-Covid Options For Indian Economy

As the world undergoes what is being speculated as a global recession due to the COVID-19 pandemic, pertinent questions concerning the contours of fiscal stimulus and the changing economic policies across the globe arise. What are

POK Minorities Left to Dogs

Pakistan is dumping corona victims in its 'Azad Kashmir' province.But the army ensures none of relocated victims get anywhere near their camps. Our videographer who cannot be named for security reasons send us some snapshots of these

China’s Pandemic of lies

After inflicting the coronavirus pandemic on the world, China is now engaged in a destructive pandemic of lies and intimidation to project itself as a leader, while the United States is largely absent as a counterforce. China senses an

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