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ULFA, NSCN Call For Indian Independence Day Boycott


The separatist ULFA and NSCN has called for a complete boycott of Indian independence day celebrations beginning tomorrow midnight until night of 15th August , asking residents in Assam and Nagaland to record any evidence of duress used to force residents to join the event. 
A press release carrying the joint statement said : “The colonial Indian Independence day is not a day of freedom of our people but of bondage. Hence, we call upon our people not to take part in celebrating it voluntarily or under duress. Any form of duress or force should be recorded if possible.” 
But it was not clear which NSCN faction was with the ULFA on issuing this statement . The NSCN(K) has been its traditional ally , though the mood among the NSCN(I-M faction) is quite hostile this time on.
The statement said “colonial India” is making the ‘same mistake’ by “pushing into Chinese territory” that Nehru made with his forward policy in 1962.  “A similar crushing defeat awaits Indian forces,” the statement warned.

Analysts said the ULFA and NSCN leaders maintaining close liasion with Chinese intelligence, often attacking Dalai Lama’s visit to Arunachal Pradesh as “illegal”. 
‘ULFA has supported Pakistan on Kargil and is now supporting China on border stand-offs.  They are assets of Chinese intelligence ,” said retired Lt Gen John Ranjan Mukherjee,  former chief of staff of India’s Eastern Army.
” While the Cuban Missile Crisis was building up, colonial India’s then Prime Minister Nehru ordered
a forward push resulting in the Sino-Indian war of 1962 and eventual crushing defeat .This time while COVID -19 calamity was unfolding, colonial India makes the same mistake and send her soldiers in May 2020
to move into Chinese territory with another apparent forward push policy resulting in a hand to hand combat between the soldiers of the two countries. It is incredible to see colonial India’s expansionism.”
A paragraph in the statement is specially interesting : ” Moreover Kautilyan political machinations have been used to rob the Sovereignty of the Punjab, Kashmir, Sikkim and similar scheming is on the anvil of the colonial Indian deep State for Bhutan and Nepal. In 1962 colonial India being cut to size was not complete because US President Kennedy came to India’s rescue. Yes Rajnath Singh, it is not 1962 now!”
Retired Major-General Gaganjit Singh, former deputy chief of Defense Intelligence Agency , said this statement was a “Chinese warning issued through its surrogates .” 
“But this gives us a fair idea of the issues Beijing is likely to open up to unleash a thousands cuts policy against India ,” Singh said. ” It is good to be forewarned.”

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