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UN Chief Urges Restraint As More Than 60 Die In China-India clash


Shonali Khandelwal, Delhi/ Gyamtsho Topden , Leh

UN chief Antonio Guterres has urged ‘maximum restraint’ on both China and India after more than 60 soldiers were killed in violent clashes in Ladakh’s Galwan valley on Monday night and early Tuesday.  Eri Kaneko, Associate Spokesperson for the UN Secretary-General, made the comments at the daily press briefing. “We are concerned about reports of violence and deaths at the Line of Actual Control (LAC) between India and China and urge both sides to exercise maximum restraint. We take positive note of reports that the two countries have engaged to deescalate the situation,” Kaneko said.
This was the most violent face-off between the two Indian armies since the Chinese PLA intruded across the Line of Actual Control (LAC) at multiple points since April.
Between May 5-9 , nearly twenty Indian and Chinese soldiers were injured in clashes at Pangong Tso in Ladakh and Naku La in Sikkim.
But high level military talks and back-channel diplomatic negotiations led to an understanding on a de-escalation process that started late last week.
It was during the unfolding of that process , being supervised by battalion and brigade commanders on ground, that 12 Chinese soldiers armed with Shaolin swords and spears attacked Colonel Santosh Babu and four or five soldiers escorting him on a “verification trek’ that took them to Point 14. The Chinese allege that these troops had burned down one of their tents which the Indians wanted dismantled and that provoked the furkious assault.
Almost simultaneously , PLA assault troops armed with swords, spears, iron roads wrapped in barbed wire and other lethal weapons attacked multiple Indian patrols lightly armed with sticks and iron rods.
Both armies have asked soldiers patrolling the disputed border to leave firearms behind in their bunkers to avoid a firefight that might escalate into war.
Colonel Babu and two of his escorts were killed on the spot but the others ran back to their camps to report the death of the commanding officer in a ‘treachorous attack.’
Soldiers from 16th Bihar regiment that Babu commanded , furious over his death, took out their bayonet mounted rifles and attacked the Chinese in some of their encampments late at night.
But by then ,PLA snatch squads  had attacked at least 7 small Indian detachments, all on ‘ verification patrols’ and dragged away dozens of them into Chinese positions, where atleast 12 of them were tortured and brutally killed. 
Many unsuspecting Indian soldiers, just armed with sticks  jumped into the freezing Galwan river to escape the PLA assault and were swept away.
Furious hand-to-hand fighting raged across the Galwan river valley for over eight hours on Monday night, as PLA troops  hunted down and slaughtered troops of the 16 Bihar Regiment, a senior officer told Easternlink after debriefing of survivors at hospitals in Leh.

The savage combat, with few parallels in the history of modern armies, is confirmed to have claimed the lives of at least 23 Indian soldiers, including 16 Bihar’s commanding officer, Colonel Santosh Babu, many because of protracted exposure to sub-zero temperatures , the Indian Army said late on Tuesday.

“Even unarmed men who fled into the hillsides were hunted down and killed,” one officer said. “The dead include men who jumped into the Galwan river in a desperate effort to escape.”

Government sources say at least another two dozen soldiers are battling life-threatening injuries, and over 110 have needed treatment. “The toll will go up,” a senior army officer in the Galwan region told Easternlink.

The fighting at Galwan had  began after troops under Colonel Babu’s command dismantled a Chinese tent sent up near a position code-named Patrol Point 14, close to the mouth of the Galwan river. The Chinese allege they set fire to it.

 The tent had been dismantled following a meeting between Lieutenant General Harinder Singh, who commands the Leh-based XIV Corps, and Major-General Lin Liu, the head of the Xinjiang military district

Inside two days of the disengagement agreed to at Chushul on June 6 , the PLA set up a fresh tent at Patrol Point 14, inside territory claimed by India. Colonel Babu’s soldiers were ordered to ensure the tent was removed.

For reasons that remain unclear, the PLA refused to vacate Point 14 and when Babu and his soldiers went to ask for dismantling it, they were attacked with murderous intent. Huge rocks were rolled towards low lying Indian positions by the Chinese occupying higher ground , against which the Indians were largely defenceless. 

But the Indian soldiers , initially surprised by the ferocity of the Chinese assault , regrouped and attacked the Chinese in strength , with long military knives, bayonets mounted on rifles and other cut weapons . Two Chinese encampments , which PLA says “was well within Chinese territory’ , faced a revenge-seeking Indian bayonet charge and dozens of Chinese troops, not expecting such a swift Indian retaliation , were slaughtered . 

The PLA has alleged that  Colonel Babu’s troops crossed a buffer zone separating the two sides, violating border-management protocols which mandates the use of white flags and banners to signal to the other side that it must turn back from the territory it is on.

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Large numbers of dead bodies, Indian military officials say, have been handed over by the PLA after the situation calmed down late on Tuesday with both sides apparently asked by higher headquarters to back off following hotline communication between senior commanders.

The Chinese deaths were mostly inside their positions which faced the angry Indian retaliatory assaults past midnight on Monday.

“Our boys took time to regroup because they had not expected the treacherous Chinese assault during a disengagement process . But when they hit back , they went into the attack with their usual determination ,” said a retired military officer from the Ladakh Scouts who lives in Leh and is familiar with serving Indian troops in the area. ‘For an Indian soldier, avenging a senior officer’s death is a matter of high honour and staking his life for it is normal.”

Unconfirmed reports also say a landslide hit a Chinese camp on a lower ground after a ‘cloudburst’ that sounded like a huge explosion in the wee hours of Tuesday and buried many PLA soldiers alive.

The Indian army admits to loosing around 20 soldiers with many still missing while their intelligence intercepts suggest the Chinese have lost atleast 43 soldiers , mostly in the retaliatory past-midnight asaault by revenge hungry Indian troops. Some Chinese casualties were also possib;ly due to the landslide.

EXPERT OPINION : Major General Gaganjit Singh, a former mountain division commander and the retired deputy chief of Defense Intelligence,  who has access to information from the troubled zone, told Easternlink that ” the Indians made a huge mistake by trusting the Chinese to honour the agreed process of disengagement and pull back to points agreed by senior commanders.”

“The Chinese are never , I repeat, never to be trusted , even when they are at their hospitable best, serving you great food and drink during border meetings. They simultaneously plan for assault as they talk peace and feign disengagement . Their military code allows a soldier to stab an unsuspecting opponent even when he is being served food and drink at a peaceful engagement aimed at de-escalation. They are cunning and ruthless.

“The Indians don’t understand this because in our long military tradition governed by a noble warrior code  , we fight like hell when we have to but when we make peace with those we are fighting, we embrace them and never stab anyone in the back. The ancient Indian military code forbids soldiers to kill unarmed opponents and stabbing anyone in the back when he believes you . Trouble is our commanders can’t apply these noble principles with the Chinese because they are different. You have to be totally ruthless and as cunning as them, like you have to hit them hard and then feign ignorance. I never know who punched you, not my guys kind of a thing even when you know what happened. They respect such people, for them Indian code of military honour is synonymous with foolishness.” 

Gaganjit Singh said that the Indians made the first mistake by not resisting violently Chinese patrols slipping across and setting up encampments . “Our boys waited for orders from the top and formal negotiations by when the Chinese had heavily reinforced their forward echelons intruding across the claim line. Now that they are dug in and having to go back , the local   Chinese officers are mad with anger and that shows in the ruthless assault they planned on Monday night.”

‘Someone on our  side was sleeping for long. Then when they woke up, they got carried away by Chinese promises of disengagement. If you dont understand the Chinese psyche , you cannot fight them. They will murder unarmed Indian soldiers who have been captured but will not murder all because they will have to back their narrative of fairness , for which gestures like handing back some dead bodies and prisoners are essential. The Chinaman is a slime and the sooner our boys realise this , the better.”

Gaganjit Singh also blamed the ‘defensive attitude’ of the Indian higher military command who are “only too keen to oblige politicians and diplomats by playing fair ‘ . ‘An Indian lieutenant teaches an aggressive Chinese major a lesson by giving throwing a punch to defend his senior . Instead of decorating the youngster, his seniors admonish him , blame him for over-reaction, remove him from forward position and actually humiliate him. The Chinese get the message and step up their aggression. Every Indian soldier should be like that young lieutenant and the army chief should give him a decoration if he has to boost troop morale , without which you cannot sustain a high level of vigil. And the moment you slacken your vigil, you bargain for intrusions and Chinese mischief. 

“The Chinese are not very brave and they can never fight against insurmountable odds like our boys can. They have no equivalent of an Indian warrior code of fighting to the last man and the last round , nothing like the Japanese samurai code. Even in 1962,  Indian officers with 100-200 men fought whole Chinese brigades (3000 men) for several days before their ammunition ran out and they mounted bayonets on rifles and charged , only to be mowed down to the last men . The Indian military tradition lionises glorious deaths and makes heroes of the likes of Major Shaitan Singh, the hero of Rezang La . Our troops revel in fighting 4 or 5 times the Chinese. But in colonial times, the British officers made careful use of this immense pool of bravery and determination . It is the British Indian army that maintained the Empire.” 

“But often our inept senior commanders who have risen to the top by political patronage rather than on the basis of military talent and who have messed up in assessing enemy intent , like at Kargil in 1999 or in 1962 against the Chinese try to salvage the situation by tapping into this extremely brave and unusually dedicated junior commanders and johnnies (soldiers). It is time for this senior commanders to stop thyeir personal publicity drive with one press conference a day and focus professionally on the job . My advice to them is don’t waste your valuable human resources just because you can and just because as the ultimate professional, the Indian soldier will never question a senior commander even if that guy is messing up.” 

Gaganjit Singh also has a ‘big advice’ for politicians running India now. ” Just for winning elections and getting votes, please don’t resort to the chest-triumphalism that has become your trademark. Dont claim you will recapture Pakistan Kashmir or Aksai Chin because when you do that you hugely provoke the Chinese into taking ruthless counter-measures. While you have forgotten what you promised in parliament– recapturing lost Indian territories — the other day after your election is won, the Chinese are unleashing their shock and awe , needlessly creating for our under-funded and haphazardly modernised army a huge military challenge. If you can’t give our boys a month’s ammunition to fight an intense war, don’t talk of war because you don’t know what it is , because unlike the US or Israel , our leaders have not done any military service , not even perhaps the National Cadet Corps. So stop this photo-ops of feeding sweets to soldiers and challenging our enemies in press conferences or parliament sessions just to score political brownie points.”

“I expect our politicians and diplomat to now deliver in their efforts to defuse the border tensions . But just for that, we can’t afford to scale down out vigil and aggressive defence on the border because the Chinamen will score a goal at the slightest opportunity.” 

Military analyst Probal Dasgupta told Easternlink the clashes on Monday with a casualty count are easily the Indian Army’s worst losses since the 1999 Kargil war and mark the most intense fighting between India and China since 1967, when 88 Indian soldiers and perhaps as many as 340 PLA troops were killed in the course of intense skirmishes near the Nathu La and Cho La passes, the gateways to the strategically-vital Chumbi valley.  Dasgupta is ‘author’ of “Watershed”, a detailed account of the 1967 Sikkim battles.
Pressed concern over reports of violence and deaths at the Line of Actual Control (LAC) between India and China and urged both sides to exercise “maximum restraint,” his spokesperson said on Tuesday. A total of 20 Indian Army personnel were killed during a violent clash with Chinese troops in eastern Ladakh’s Galwan Valley on Monday night, escalating the already volatile border standoff between the two sides, an Army statement said on Tuesday. Eri Kaneko, Associate Spokesperson for the UN Secretary-General, made the comments at the daily press briefing. “We are concerned about reports of violence and deaths at the Line of Actual Control (LAC) between India and China and urge both sides to exercise maximum restraint. We take positive note of reports that the two countries have engaged to deescalate the situation,” Kaneko said.

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  1. Colonel (Veteran) Shivaji Ranjan Ghosh says

    Maj Gen Gaganjit Singh has said it all. His words should be a wake-up call across the political and the military hierarchy. Don’t treat the young officers and men as expendables, merely to fulfill your petty interests. Stop chest thumping on national television. And as for the CDS, the lesser said the better. A so-called leader who openly announces that weapons and equipment that fulfills 70 % of operational qualitative requirement are acceptable, needs to be immediately removed from his position.
    God bless the Indian Army. They were, are and will remain the true saviours of the nation.
    Jai Hind!

    1. dave says

      I am not replying to defend CDS but what he told about 70% operational qualitative requirement is right , it is in context for procuring indigenous equipment . We can not fight two front war with imported hardware , heck even the ammunition have to be imported for them . Even if our indigenous military hardware are inferior to their western alternatives , we need to backup them by awarding orders , orders that will translate these indigenous equipment to mature and help us in establishing our own Military industrial complex . All the powerful countries have their own MIL , even PLA fielded their own copied or indigenous equipment , decades back which now have after many iteration have become potent. Its a know fact , where ever foreign technology or military hardware are restricted like in Missile technology , we Indian’s have excelled because we know we can’t import !! So CDS is right we just can’t sustain on perpetual imports.

      1. Brig S Brahma (Veteran) says

        Producing our own weapons and military equipments is a good idea. But for that the present arrangement of getting these from Ordnance Factories and defense PSUs will not do. They have failed us. With my experience in revenue procurements ex a “Navaratna” PSU, whose performance while way better than Ordnance Factories, I state that their performance is not upto the mark despite favorable payment terms and a captive customer base. Heavily dependent on imports for components and sub assemblies, when the principal source dries up the PSU fails. Ask the Airforce or Navy about the performance ,rather shoddy performance of HAL Take another example of VFJ, an Ordnance Factory, – they are simply assembling, using screw driver technology, the knock down kits received from Ashok Leyland. If the CDS has reconciled to such white elephants then his point is understandable. But a CDS should think better. And the government should think better for indigenous equipments. A country that sends missions to Mars can do better if only the government has the will. No, requirements for war brooks no lowering of standards only to appease a lethargic and incompetent industry. The CDS should be more responsible.

    2. Brig GPS Cheema says

      Hit the nail on the head. Brutally honest views.

  2. Col Samir Ganguly says

    Maj Gen Gaganjit Singh has put every aspect in the correct perspective. I have never heard of facing the enemy who is full of guile and has no code of conduct for soldiers, without weapons, only carry sticks and rods. Which senior military commander can pass such orders. Chinese have done many times with us, yet we have not learnt our lessons. I am glad the orders for not carrying weapons is going to reversed.

  3. Sunil Kumar says

    Applesauce and a lot of it. A veteran who makes these remarks has no character.

    1. Topol says

      Says a good for nothing nobody….

    2. Sachin says

      And what about the character of the person – who judges the character of a veteran who has spent his life to serve the nation and is brave enough to stand up and speak what he thinks is right for the country and for his brother officers and men?!

  4. Wg Cdr G Baruah( Retd) says

    I salute the brave hearts who gave supreme sacrifice for the motherland. But the way politicians are behaving, I am sad to say, these guys should be lleft at Leh for a week and fend fir themselves. If you can’t help the soldiers at least donot demoralise them . But we should not keave the Dragon this time, retaliate with all the might.

    1. Satish K. Shukla. says

      We have to accept the reality of ground. Our politicians have no knowledge of field reality, we have to give them required feed back of ground satiation. Our commoder should act on ground reality not please immediate boss. This way we can handle the situation professionaly.

    2. Col UC Dubey says

      Political leadership at this juncture must ensure atleast 15–20 days intense rate of ammunition for troops.
      It must maintain secrecy about INTENTS.
      No boasting promises about revenge to be made anywhere. Government must gather concrete International support to war fighting and situation management.
      Military commanders at each level must think out of Box to meet the Chinese cunning and untrustworthy acts.
      Government must ensure that all the ongoing infrastructure projects in all the areas under our control upto the LAC.
      Corona cess could be levied only for 2/3 years but a National Security Cess should be levied @ 2% on all the financial transactions in the country for 10 years to build a strong, fully equipped and well paid ( motivated) Armed Forces.
      Col UC Dubey ( Veteran)

  5. Colonel Ajay Ahlawat says

    The General has said it all. And its the absolute truth. It’s priceless pearls of wisdom coming from a veteran who has personally seen and done it all. Advise which can be followed blindfoalded.

    You cannot create experience you must undergo it….. No chest thumping or dialogues will help. We as indian solders have milion hrs of experience and knowledge of those parts in officers, ranks serving and retired. We must leave the brass track and actual ground handling to the soldiers. We r doing a huge mistake of making diplomacy do the work of Generals and vice versa. Just please give the free hand to the people on ground to handle things. Support them with geniune backup and the indian soldier is ultimate balanced intelligent and hugely brave fighting machine. No force in the world can match their ingenuity and buddy system. Nothing will happen. This battle cannot be won from ACs offices or on advise and ideas of the people who have known all about battle grounds watching movies or reading books.

    Remember its dirty hard work which has to be done by dirtying ones hands. You got to do it the dirty way. Nothing clean about it. Thos war can amd will only be won hands down on the ground . Ground is won or lost physically. And for that its physical soldier presence on the ground.

    The indian soldier is the ultimate. As general has mentioned it says it all. For an Indian soldier, avenging a senior officer’s death is a matter of high honor And staking his life for it is normal”.

    For china with its one child population boy soldiers, it may be too much to ask from. …. It is the begining of the end. We shall and surely take the badla and the 700 square kms area they r sitting on, but at our time and place of choosing. There is nothing to prove to anyone. Just hope and pray that the Citizens of India can unite and stand behind together as one behind the warrior.

    The indian warrior is trained to make the enemy lay down hia life for hia country. At a time and olace of own choosing ……… Nothing to prove to anyone ……with clarity of mind and focus.

    Let’s each one of us do our own bit and be grateful and compassinate to the famalies, kith and kin of the soldiers.

    Three Cheers General Gaganjit sir for such a beautiful, researched, factual & focused writeup. Jai Hind!!!

    Jai Hind.

  6. Maj Gen KAS Bhulkar, Retd says

    Soldiers do not operate on borders/LC/LAC without weapons. Person responsible for these orders be identified and hung in my opinion as he is guilty for the death of 20 valiant sins of India. When will there be accountability in India when will diplomacy graduate from event management & image building to diplomacy as we know with accountability.

  7. H Khakh says

    The best way to deal with the situation is to clamp down on the media which is barking incessantly. Everyone seems to be a leader and there are no followers. Idiots like Pappu Gandhi should be imprisoned for the duration of the conflict. No one should expect the PM to address 3 news conferences per day. All should unite like the Chinese.

    1. Sachin says

      Really !! This is about congress now ?!

    2. Sridhar Sethuraman says

      It is best not to trust the Chinese. Always watch and never relax guard ever even if they are smiling and laughing with you from ear to ear.

  8. Harry Walia says

    The buck,for this fiasco,should rightfully stop with the top!But does this CDS have the to correct the anomalies?No.He seems to be there just to please the Boss!The entire chain of Command seems to have erred..and the price was paid by the poor Bihar Regt soldiers! The root of the problem was the ridiculous Agreement years ago between the Congress party & CPP which made a mockery of conventional warfare by barring use of arms.Could’nt the military Chiefs get this anomaly corrected all these years?

  9. Geethagovindan Menon says

    Very much true to the core,what Maj Gen Gaganjit Singh told about the present strategies/ views taken by the Military hierarchy and Political leaders. We were a little late in understanding the the movements of these unscrupulous Chinese brutality, though our men were brave enough to teach the Chinese. The 1962 cheating by the Chinese repeated again on 15 June 2020. A Big Salute to the Martyred Soldiers who Sacrificed their lives for a better Tomorrow. JAI HIND

  10. Geethagovindan Menon K says

    Very much true to the core,what Maj Gen Gaganjit Singh told about the present strategies/ views taken by the Military hierarchy and Political leaders. We were a little late in understanding the the movements of these unscrupulous Chinese brutality, though our men were brave enough to teach the Chinese. The 1962 cheating by the Chinese repeated again on 15 June 2020. A Big Salute to the Martyred Soldiers who Sacrificed their lives for a better Tomorrow. JAI HIND

  11. हुक्माराम says

    सेना के बड़े अधिकारियों को ,तथा देश के नेताओं और नेतृत्व करने को आत्मा निरीक्षण करने की जरूरत है।

    1. Prn says

      Salute to the soldiers who gave supreme sacrifice. Also salute to the brave soldiers, who despite an illogical order of not carrying firearms while patrolling (knowing the non trustworthy enemy) still went and avenged the supreme sacrifice of their brothers.
      Most of the politicians may never understand the feeling with which a soldier stands in front of the enemy as they have neither served in forces themselves nor have their son, daughter, wife, husband has done it.
      And our media, always runs with a cheap agenda of TRP or to get some favour back by showing doctored news.

      Hope social media does its bit to bring the truth to the front of citizens.

      Jai Hind!

  12. K Chand says

    Let’s wait for after actions report. There can be as many versions as there are reporters.

    1. Sachin says

      True that – let’s hope they are not influenced to make the top and political leadership ” look good ” !!

  13. Indian Civilian says

    I don’t know whether I qualify even to comment here as I have never served this country many brave hearts like you all. But when I read this thought provoking article, I was deeply touched and vexed on Chinese army who did this to us. I wish this democracy rules well within the borders but when it come to safeguarding the borders, Defense must be given complete sovereignty and discretionary powers and there should be zero political interference. I wish Constitution had such a provision. Shame on those who are making political mileage out of our soldiers’ lives. Articles like this must be viral and made popular among youngsters who are unfortunately glued into social media Squandering and giving likes and comments to worthless posts. So do the media who count on their TRP with made barking debates feeding the couch potatoes.

  14. Brig (R) S. Kapur says

    While I endorse the view point to exercise restraint at this point of time but the bottom line is that china must vacate the area and maintain status as on 03 May,20. Second and more important is to be prepared to strike china at time and place of our choosing to give a loud and clear message that we have the will and capability to protect our national territory.

    1. Bsbora says

      I fairly agree with you Sir, we have to take this revenge of our real heroes who martyred themselves for the Bharat Mata.

  15. Shailesh Tewary says

    The writer is genuinely appreciated. My attention is drawn to the article and few comments thereof. Combined effort to put across humble submissions are the following:
    1. I am sure that ‘The Polity and Decision makers’ are aware of what China may / can do. They have given rope enough and debacle on both sides is consequential. The outcome is still work in process.
    2. The bravery of the Indian soldier is legendary and the present demonstration of grit and courage leading to supreme sacrifice is adding to the glory and deserve highest honour.
    3. The Strategical, Tactical and Operational aspects are not on debate now as the strengths derived on this is underway perhaps. As a very accomplished veteran Lt. Gen states that ‘the men handling this at present are most competent..’, meaning thereby that it is confidence building and maintaining time; the guy is in the boxing ring; all suggestions, advise if need be, then it must be up close and personal.
    4. Though, criticising seniors and people in position are becoming a past time of sorts, but the manner in which slight to CDS is made, I feel is inappropriate, inopportune, and ill. The point has been responded by another author also, but I write in defence of CDS. The context in which the standard aspect was mentioned was on ‘Indian Made…’ and it was aimed to encourage to start manufacturing and to begin with it even if it matches 70 percent. The challenges of defence procurement is the ‘no deviation’ from the best world/established standard, and that becomes a not so encouraging an investment for local manufacturer, as their products will be on ‘surgeon’s table’ as always a lesser product . CDS, does not mean that ‘battle worthiness and win ability’ vis a vis the enemy would be compromised. It is not as if someone is promoting ‘kitchen knife to a bayonet..’
    The aim is to motivate the industry and subsequently it would evolve. The confidence will build even better. The same officer as erstwhile Chief did not say this, but, when he got a role in which aspectual leadership needed to match the Policy and Rejuvenation of industry as CDS, he toiled with the idea with a view to urge committed industrialists to come forward and start investing to this end eventually leading to make world’s best.
    5. It is a fact that we have experienced a CDS role as a nation first time, strange waters, akin to becoming a father of 1+ 2 grown up professional Sons in an established family overnight and with expectations of know all of everything with absolutely no reference, support learning, coaching, settling in time. Much more than capability, competency and knowledge, I believe this role requires immense energy, courage, commitment and an inner will. All this and more is with the present incumbent. The feel and flow will make its own grain with passage. Perhaps we, can also start relating to this change, empathise and see how it pans out.
    In my limited experience, a new role has the huge inherent odds of the system itself not to mention the whole charter of job objectives. I was 3 times in life, in global corporate positions, different geographies in unique ‘birth roles’ as I would later call them. The roles were the most challenging, hugely engaging, immensely satisfying but ironically thankless. The worst obstacles were peers, colleagues, and cynics and jealous people. It was as if myself, while on the job successfully, elephant in attack mode, the high energy, had got wrapped up in the ‘water chestnut farm ( singhadhe kaa khet)’ by my own people. As if the role, for which apart from the budget, the whole administrative, logistical and workforce set up was needed at high speed and not forthcoming. The whole affair was another unimaginable block of allocations, training, streamlining and aligning obstacle course.
    I would have appreciated then, if someone would have written personally, met me and objected, criticised, guided, corrected as MINE; to make me more able, successful and happier in role to make the task/ role results better and better. After all as the nature of the being, on completion of my tenure others would fill up this vital visionary position.
    It is a fact also, that though I did my best then, tirelessly, sacrificed health and family time to the purpose of the role and till date, years later sone of the same lot of people met me and said what great job I did then… and lamented on how bad it was now as they had seen a new horizon. But, it is true that all 3 fabulous roles are not there any more. Such was the fight of crabs and scorpions to grab that role, that all the 3 great companies, with such global energies are dwarfs in comparison to the giants they were poised to be and are back to local and regional businesses.
    Somewhere, the growth of a dimension, had been cut to size ‘ Ekalvya has lost the thumb’.
    Request care, concern and compassion and of course the one who knows, would know.
    Keep safe from covid, beat the enemy!
    Best wishes
    Jai Hind!

    1. Rissala Polo says

      Very well said. Dil se ….

  16. Bhargav says

    It’s high time The Indian Army rewrites protocols to engage with different troups. Countries appear to have left the moral aspect of wars way behind. Even though Pakistan appears to be peaceful, it’s actually raising a war in the form of terrorism, but gives a feeling that it’s only the ppl in the form of terrorism who are attacking India. But frankly speaking it’s a war in the guise of peace. Similarly the Chinese have no protocol. They have an uncontrolled hooliganism as their war protocol. The Indian History is repleat with such instances. The attack from Mongols, European and the Mughals. While the Indian kings followed the protocol the enemy never did that, resulting in loss of many brave Indians. It will be wise if we learn and update from these emerging ruthless mentalities of the external enemy and the internal challenges, so that our brave boys are not lost under the disciplined restraint and load of Dharm yudh principles.

  17. Vishal says

    The gen offr has said it well…..I am saddened that all these things are not very difficult to understand….it’s all about common sense and it occurs to everybody’s mind….now the worst thing is that only after retirement this common sense occurs to our elites rather than using it when in chair but they choose to be a “yes man” they choose “false flattery “ for personal gains and this thing is well known and exploited by our enemies….it is because of these senior officers that COs has stopped taking decisions… is not Col Babu’s mistake that he waited for a decision….because these elite offrs who are league apart and very very intelligent rips apart such decision taking offrs and makes them an example…..

    And after retirement these offrs suddenly start talking common sense….

  18. Dr J P Baghel says

    Our prime and zinping are the best friends. Our prime minister publicly claims that the chemistry between the two is very good. Then how our soldiers are being killed by his friends army at the border. He should call and discuss with his friend and ensure that nothing happens now like that.
    Dr J P Baghel

  19. gui says

    Wait a minute,if according to your story,43 PLA men were killde,the how can we release captured indian officers and soldiers so quickly?
    Your officers an soldiers turned and fled in panic,your majors were drowned in the river,your soldiers ran like a flock of frightened ducks,and the fallen had no one to help them,so that seventeen of them froze to death.In contrast,the officers and soldiers who were captured by the PLA were given food and madical treatment an not one died.
    Such a humiliating defeat,your army todl the people,killed 43 PLA men?

    1. Sachin says

      Go Away – try expressing your thoughts in the Chinese free press – oh ! You are not allowed to express your thoughts in your own country – so you need to look for information elsewhere – I sympathise – sneak around …

  20. Col Darshan Dhillon says

    Yes we faiked to read to the intentions of our enemy,his motives and his previous behaviour. We put negotiations in reverse gear where as armies dont do things first. It is the diplomatic chanel which agree on certain terms of refence and then give to men on ground. In this case reverse was follwed. The provocative statement bu medeia further fuel the things dragan daar gaya etc further pUt pressure on chinese for action. Once a co is being beaten up to death nothing matters for a unit and all resources should have been used but it seems some one from top was in command who stoped it. Rules and treaties dont matter for unit but the pride does which has been allowed to be hammered by over cautious appproach

  21. Yasir says

    Very true. The decision making body should be our army in these circumstances. Our government has let us down and told us lies.
    1. First MEA says our soldiers were armed. Surendar Singh our brave soldier who was injured in the scuffle , his wife tells that he was not carrying any arm after Surender Singh called up him family from the hospital and told them.
    2. Govt says no soldiers are missing, and then China releases our 10 soldiers who were in their captivity.

    If you cannot tell truth then plz don’t tell lies atleast at the back of our jawans

  22. Col Darshan Dhillon says

    Yes we failed to read to the intentions of our enemy,his motives and his previous behaviour. We put negotiations in reverse gear where as armies dont do things first. It is the diplomatic chanel which agree on certain terms of refence and then give to men on ground. In this case reverse was follwed. The provocative statement bu medeia further fuel the things dragan daar gaya etc further pUt pressure on chinese for action. Once a co is being beaten up to death nothing matters for a unit and all resources should have been used but it seems some one from top was in command who stoped it. Rules and treaties dont matter for unit but the pride does which has been allowed to be hammered by over cautious appproach

  23. KS Brar says

    Accept reality .Let the commanders on the ground take decisions.Dont waste crucial time and lives for orders from the political bosses who have no idea about the actual situations.

    1. Maj Gen PK Batra,retd says

      I was commanding 77 Mtn Bde(Chindits) when intrusion in Wangdung/Sumdrong Chu took place
      We had very tense moments,thwarted their intentions of occupying Lungrola pass. We challenged their intentions of crossing NamkaChu from Thagla ridge and their patrol approx 50 or more PLA made a hasty retreat. Similarly they tried to inch forward in Wangdung and we opened fire and they ran back.We were aggressive and occupied all the heights overlooking Wsngdung where PLA had established their camp.I remember a young Chinese Officer in broken english said ,” Commander sir if war we dont fight in this sector”.After 24 years we recaptured Hatungla and areas ceded in 62.Chinese after talks,knowing they were in a precarious position pulled back.They respect tough actions and buckle.Indian army is highly trained and motivated and traditionally a disciplined force led by competent young leaders.

  24. jayant says

    Apparently,. this learned veteran has an axe to grind. Otherwise, why would any one blame a serving CDS,NSA and also MEA. It is easy to pull a trigger but takes lots of confidence building measures to maintain peace. Again, our armed forces have never entertained jingoism.
    Lets no go by opinionated media reports but go by hard realities. (a) Like our illustrious prime minister ;President Xi is image conscious (b) China cannot afford to lose a great market . (c) In geopolitics; India has some great strategic partners.
    Last, always be prepared but give peace a fair chance !

  25. Vijay Lakshmi Dikshit says

    All this has happened in the Galwan Valley region, yet the PM Modi in the All Party Meet, on June 19, 2020, said that no intrusion & occupation of our territory by the Chinese took place. So your detaild report should not be taken note of . Why & what is PM Modi hiding from the people of
    India. Under his leadership our Armed Forces,in addition to protecting our borders, should now start protecting themselves from this rogue government.

  26. Vijay Lakshmi Dikshit says

    I have read your detailed report. But PM Modi in the All Party Meet on Jun19, 2020 , stated that no intrusion or occupying of the Indian territory by the Chinese took place.
    What & why is he hiding facts from the Indian people.

  27. Lt Gen Rakesh Chadha (Retd) says

    Salute to Indian Army brave hearts for their sacrifice. Read Gen Gaganjit’s views on India China standoff. So very precise and to the point. Our compliments for a mature and balanced response. Looking forward to more such illuminating articles. Jai Hind.

  28. Ravi Saigol says

    Absolutely agree with the hard hitting rejoinder issued by Gen Gaganjit.Apparently our top political and military leadership has
    been caught off guard.
    We seem to have little idea about China’s strategic aim.Both Nehru with his ‘Hindi Chini bhai bhai’ and Modi’s courtship of Xi show lack of commprehensionn of the Chinese intent to become the world number one powerby using both its economic and military might.While we have left the border issue unresolved for so long.
    On the ground there is no doubt that our soldiers have given and will give a befitting reply to the chinese but we need to ask questions and seek accountability lest the truth is brushed under the carpet and the blame is shifted as it happened in Kargil.
    The future actions of the govenment will decide its place in history.Diplomacy ties a soldiers hands behind his back.Its time we let soldiers be soldiers.

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