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Why Burn Buses Now : Hasina


Sheikh Hasina has questioned the motive behind the abrupt arson attack on public buses after a break with violence for several years.

As many as 11 buses were set ablaze in the capital during the by-election to the Dhaka-18 parliamentary constituency last Thursday.

“You’ve seen, honourable speaker, several buses were set on fire all of a sudden. Why and in whose interest (was it done)?” the prime minister asked while speaking during a general discussion in a special parliament session on Sunday.

The Awami League leaders have blamed the BNP for the torching of buses but the opposition party says it’s the ruling party carried out the mischief to lay the blame on it.

Hasina described the arsons as “fire terrorism”, a phrase often used by the ruling party leaders to refer to the deadly fire-bombings of buses and other vehicles during months-long protests by the BNP and its ally the Jamaat-e-Islami after the first anniversary of the 2014 elections the boycotted.

The Awami League president repeated the accusation that the BNP leadership takes money from aspirants for nomination.

“(They) contest in elections only to participate so that they can pocket the money,” she said, pointing finger to the BNP.

“But they don’t turn out on the day of election, or don’t even send their polling agents. They try to create a situation by burning buses in the name of boycott halfway through voting. What’s their objective in it?” Hasina asked.

The prime minister mentioned the government’s efforts to tackle the coronavirus outbreak as well as the economic fallout caused by the pandemic.

“What allegations do they have when we are doing in time whatever is necessary? This is the biggest question now,” she said.

Courtesy – bdnews24

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