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World’s Decoupling With China Expedited


China is the second-largest economy in the world – but it’s about to lose that position very soon. There was a time when the free world countries wanted China to open up its financial markets for foreigners investors, and China resisted the demand because it didn’t want to create a level-playing field for other countries. There was once also a time when foreign investors and multinational companies set bases in China like there was no tomorrow. But those times are long gone. Under CCP General Secretary Xi Jinping, things have taken a turn for quite the worse. Now, investors are fleeing China en masse like there is no tomorrow. Foreign employees are running out of China. China is experiencing an exodus of foreign talent which promises to cripple the Communist nation.

According to a report by the Financial Times, the head of a leading American business lobby group in China has warned of an exodus of western executives from the world’s biggest consumer market as President Xi Jinping tightens coronavirus controls. With no exit strategy articulated, and just as the rest of the world reopens, US business leaders have warned Beijing that it risks accelerating the outflow of foreigners from China. Ker Gibbs and Alan Beebe, the presidents of the American chambers of commerce based in Shanghai and Beijing, respectively, are among an increasing number of businesspeople in China leaving their jobs in the coming months.

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